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'The Crucible' comes to Tabor College

The Tabor College theater department will present “The Crucible” under the direction of Judy Harder. It will be presented in the Tabor College Lab Theater located in the basement of the Lorenz building April 11 to 13.

Arthur Miller’s acclaimed “The Crucible” is the story of ordinary people caught up in a universal tragedy.  Set in the context of the 17th century, the play follows the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts, a town torn apart by fear, vengeance, and hysteria.  In the midst of the chaos, John Proctor, a common farmer, faces his flaws and failures and struggles toward personal integrity.

On one level, “The Crucible” is about politics and the way history repeats itself. On another, it is the journey of a husband and wife dealing with betrayal and brokenness in their community as well as within themselves.  It is a story of a search for truth, goodness and redemption.

Cast members include John Proctor – Thomas Batista; Elizabeth Proctor – Andrea Acker; Deputy-Governor Danforth – Nolan Dirks; Abigail Williams – Micah Leake; Mary Warren – Allie Jost; Reverend Hale – Robert Howell; Reverend Samuel Parris – Kruze Sanders; Judge Hathorne – Jordan Costa; Thomas Putnam – Michael Adamyk; Ann Putnam – Cheyenne Derksen; Giles Corey – Scott Bauer; Rebecca Nurse – Rebecca Steketee;

Tituba – Hannah Evans; Betty Parris – Olivia Kliewer; Mercy Lewis – Tessa Hoduski; Susanna Walcott – Kyvie Lahman; Sarah Good – Kelsey Unruh; Ezekiel Cheever – Nathan Lawson; John Willard – Benjamin Schmidt; and Francis Nurse – Tyler Clements.

Tickets are limited for each performance and will be available for purchase from the Student Life Office at (620) 947-3121 ext. 1033. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.  General admission is $6 and student tickets are $4.

Last modified April 4, 2013