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‘Steve Day’ to honor lake superintendent

Staff writer

Not many people get a day named after them, but with the advent of “Steve Day” this Saturday, county lake Superintendent Steve Hudson will be one of the few.

A group of people who live at or frequent the lake recently organized the event to coincide with the official start of summer.

“It’s all about Steve,” event organizer Lori Koop said. “He is a huge asset to the lake and he means a lot to us.

“There have been a handful of people out there who have been displeased lately. Sometimes you only hear the negative, but it’s good to focus on the positive.”

Her husband, Keith Koop, another organizer, said Hudson does a great job managing the lake and its patrons.

“So many people are on him lately for some reason I don’t understand,” Keith Koop said. “He’s being pulled in a lot of different directions. We just want him to know we’re behind him and appreciate what he does.”

Longtime lake resident Bob McCurdy also believes in the importance of “Steve Day” and the man it will honor.

“He’s done a hell of a job at the lake, and it’s not an easy task,” McCurdy said. “I think there are some people who don’t realize that. I remember what the lake was before Steve started.”

McCurdy said that Hudson made it easy for lake patrons and residents to help improve the lake.

“Maybe I am seeing a little bit more that gets done than a lot of people do but I think he deserves a little bit of accolades,” McCurdy said. “He is very receptive to our efforts to do fundraising.”

Lori Koop noted that Steve Day was a way to say thanks to Hudson for allowing fundraising events like Bluegrass at the Lake, a chili cook-off and car show, corn-hole tournaments, movie nights, and crappie tournaments.

“These successful fundraisers have allowed funds to be raised that are not part of the general fund and go directly to improvements to the lake,” Lori Koop said. “Not to mention, Steve’s continued efforts to prevent zebra mussels from entering the waters at lake and keep it a healthy environment.”

Keith Koop said the extra effort that Hudson puts into preparing for these events helped bring people to the lake.

Lori Koop added that visitors and residents enjoy the sense of community that she said Hudson helps foster.

“I remember the wind storm back in 2011; a lot of people pitched in with chainsaws and trucks and pretty soon we had all that brush built up that we needed to get rid of,” Lori Koop said. “Steve just ran with it. That’s how the marshmallow-roast was born, and having the world record for roasting the most marshmallows at once is pretty cool.”

Steve Day will be from noon to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the lake pavilion in the trailer area. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served.

“The event is open to those who utilize the lake and would like to show Steve their appreciation,” Lori Koop said. “He is an integral part of the community.”

Hudson knows about the event and plans to attend.

“I appreciate them doing it,” he said. “These guys have been with me since Day One and always have been very supportive. We’ve built a lot of good relationships, and they appreciate what we’re trying to do with the lake.”

Last modified May 25, 2017