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$3,700 in diesel stolen

Staff writer

At least 10 different credit cards have been used 22 times to steal $3,700 worth of diesel fuel from Epp’s Service pumps, Hillsboro police say.

Assistant police chief Randy Brazil said the thefts began Aug. 1, with the most recent Nov. 15.

Brazil said security videos had been reviewed, but it was difficult to tell whether the thefts were being perpetrated by one or more suspects.

Brazil said the thieves filled large fuel tanks in the beds of the pickups.

“It appears there were three different trucks,” Brazil said.

Pumps at Epp’s have a $175 limit, he said.

“With some of the thefts, they did it three times in a row,” Brazil said.

Most of the thefts took place at night, but a few thefts were in the morning, he said.

Brazil said investigation was continuing.

Last modified Dec. 8, 2022