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8-year-old raises money for families in need of clean water

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With help from her family, 8-year-old Sadie Lange set up a lemonade stand in front of her house Saturday and raised $602.36 for people living in Orissa, India who are in need clean water.

“Clean water is important because people can get really sick if they don’t have it,” Sadie said.

Her father, Jeremiah Lange, said Sadie served approximately 65 cups of lemonade to patrons who donated various amounts. Sadie also provided information about Charity: Water’s September campaign.

Sadie had two five-gallon “jerry cans” onsite — one empty and one full of water — to demonstrated how people in Orissa transport water to-and-from their homes.

“Women usually carry the jerry cans strapped to their backs or on their heads,” her mother, Danielle Lange said. “They often walk a couple miles just to get water that is usually not clean.”

Sadie has set up lemonade stands the past two years.

The first year proceeds she raised went to help buy a drilling rig. Last year what she earned helped get clean water for Rwanda. This year the money she made will support the mission of Gram Vikas in India.

“$450 provides one family with three clean water taps,” Jeremiah Lange said. “They get a toilet, shower, and a kitchen sink.”

Including Saturday’s earnings, Sadie has raised a total of $2,685 in donations. She is only $465 away from reaching her $3,150 goal to bring clean water to seven families.

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Last modified Sept. 19, 2013